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Welcome to Black Diamond Premium

Black Diamond Premium is our Premium Range that caters to the discerning customers. Our products are practical and very versatile which are made after having in-depth knowledge of our customers be it - working moms, home-makers or professional chefs. We have products that suit the tastes of all customer profiles. Not only can they withstand heavy usage with ease but will also last a long time. Quality has been the company's top priority. We believe in the good old saying 'Quality comes first'. Our products are made strictly in accordance to the stringent quality standards of Bureau of Indian Standards (ISI). All the coatings that we use are food grade coating manufactured by international brands that are PFOA free.

Our Products

Premium Induction Non Stick
Antique Finish
Induction Non Stick
White Anodised
Regular Non Stick
Hard Anodised
Induction Hard Anodised
Regular Hard Anodised
Matte Finish
Pressure Cookers
Pressure Cookers
Triply Series
Triply Series
Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel