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About Black Diamond Premium

Black Diamond Premium is our Premium Range that caters to the discerning customers. Our products are practical and very versatile which are made after having in-depth knowledge of our customers be it - working moms, home-makers or professional chefs. We have products that suit the tastes of all customer profiles. Not only can they withstand heavy usage with ease but will also last a long time. Quality has been the company’s top priority. We believe in the good old saying ‘Quality comes first’. Our products are made strictly in accordance to the stringent quality standards of Bureau of Indian Standards (ISI). All the coatings that we use are food grade coating manufactured by international brands that are PFOA free.

We primarily have six product ranges in our product folio: namely (1) Induction Non Stick Cookware (2) Regular Non Stick Cookware (3) Induction Hard Anodised Cookware (4) Regular Hard Anodised Cookware (5) Pressure Cookers Cookware (6) Premium Induction Non Stick Cookware. Our Premium Induction Non-Stick is our new range which has granite non-stick coating viz - a 4 layer non-stick that is metal spoon friendly. The cookware is made extra thick so that it can perform well for many years to come. Not only are the handles aesthetically appealing to the eye but are also soft touch which give it a smooth and silky feel to it. It has a beautiful dual shade outside colour that gives it a majestic look.

We have our own tool room and all our dies are made in house by our experienced personnel to ensure quality in every product that we make. Our products are made in accordance to the strict quality standards of Bureau of Indian Standards (ISI). Even the circles that go into making of our products are as per ISI standard. To check the quality of our products, we have our own laboratory. We are a professionally managed company with trained staff in the field of marketing, manufacturing, tooling and quality control etc.

We have a sales network of distributors and dealers across North and South India and are developing new markets in the Western part of the country. Our products are being exported to countries like – USA, Canada, Italy, France, Germany, Portugal etc. We are open to any new development and often customize our products to suit the requirements of out international buyers.